Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What is it like to complete a 14 day Body Wise Bootcamp?

I chose to do the Body Wise nutritional and healthy portions/food program (I ate 6 times a starving here) to jump off the sugar train that was picking up speed this month.

With the death of my Mother-in Law on Thanksgiving day and the traditional Salvadorian pan dulce  abundantly around along with all the holiday sweets I HAD to bail before I crashed.
I purchased the basic vitamins and minerals called AM/PM to help sustain my energy and provide me with deep restful sleeps.

Then I added the chocolate and vanilla meal replacement drinks that mix easily, smooth and deliciously. And drinking plenty of water as usual.

BONUS: dropped 6 pounds in 2 weeks!

I now have more discipline and wisdom and control since I created a pattern of eating 3 snacks, 1 meal and 2 meal replacements a day.

Now, I am eating 2 meals a day 3 Body Wise snacks and 1 meal replacement to maintain through the holidaze.

PS. It was not a cake walk for my body as I did go through sugar withdrawal symptoms like mild headaches and releasing toxins. I feel clean and lean now.

PPS To me this IS experiencing Movement Magic, this program works, I can see and feel the results.
Including 12 to 14" bowel movements.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Movement Magic for the digestive system....without the sugar.

Aside from Lighten Up, Tai Chi and the Wand Exercise.....

....I indulge in a monthly supply of Body Wise nutritional products.

That hyperlink will take you to my page and the Shop Now options.
This month Sonia and I chose to have our foundational favorities....

The Morning vitamin called AM's.
The Evening Minerals called PM's.
And the Elance meal replacement shakes...
we ordered a month supply of the Chocolate and Vanilla.

I just took my am's and I feel more energized...then I made a Chocolate shake and now I feel  yummy delicious!

What I feel is a the physical sensation of of a tasty drink that is smooth and has substance as well as the relief of a perfect protein combination that my body loves.

Now, with this combination along with healthy food choices and of course water during the digestive system is without constipation...movement magic so to speak.

So now you have a resource for fuel to support you Magical Movements.
BODY WISE ....we have been perfect customers for 15+years.

During the month of December 2010 they are waiving the Lifetime Membership fee of $39.00! 
Free registration to access wholesale price.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to maintain Magical Movements when the schedule is insane....

In addition to the holiday season...
...death has knocked on my family door.
On Thanksgiving day at 6:15 am my Mother-in-law died peacefully.
Alicia Zelayandia.

The emotional turmoil that is a whirl wind for myself and family members at this time can be blatant and subdued.
This does affect my eating and workout patterns.

So, this speaks to the importance of having simple Magical Movements as a foundation.
I only missed 1 day of Lighten Up.
And doing T'ai Chi is soothing.
I was able to do Wands daily until today...I noticed a tight achy area over my right chest.

Anytime my body says no to movement, I listen.
And trust that this to shall pass. I decide not to move if I think I will aggravate.
The beauty is that I have a foundation to come back to.
I can pick up the pacing, cadence and rhythm again.
I give myself grace and know i can start again.

Today is the funeral and I will be the driver for family.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


        Sculpted muscles?  Flat abs?  Tight butt?  Sure, exercise MAY result in these enhancements, but there is an important benefit of exercise that is often overlooked.  Exercise can contribute to HAPPINESS!  There are periods in our lives when we may feel down, lethargic, depressed, anxious, or even hopeless.  Big pharmaceutical companies tell us via television commercials and ads that THEY have an answer for us during these down times----their drugs!  No doubt, severe emotional issues may need the intervention of a mental health professional.  However, there are many studies that have shown that regular exercise can be effective in healing emotional pain and creating feelings of happiness (without the side effects of stomach distress, sexual dysfunction, dry mouth, or jitteriness).

 Here are a few ways exercise can contribute to your sense of happiness:
  • As body changes occur, it makes you feel better about the way you look.
  • Endorphins ("feel good" hormones) are released in the brain, leading to feelings of calmness and an uplifted mood.
  • The sense of accomplishment after a work out leads to improved self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Creative thoughts and resolutions to problems are often accomplished while exercising.
  • Exercising in a group builds friendships and valuable support systems.
  • Self-discipline is improved due to the determination needed to stick to an exercise program.
  • Sleep quality is improved, reducing irritability and anxiety.
  • Mental acuity and memory are improved.  Yes, research shows that exercise may make you smarter!
  • Exercise is "adult play", and it is fun to PLAY!

     It is just as important to take care of our emotional needs as our physical needs.  Many of us (especially women) put our own needs at the bottom of the heap after taking care of everyone else. 
Be reminded that the airline attendants tell you to put on YOUR OWN oxygen mask in an emergency before helping someone else with theirs.  Likewise, take time to exercise for YOU.  You will then be better around others.
  Debbie Powers, an Executive Director with Body Wise International, is Assistant Professor Emerita of Wellness at Ball State University. She has co-authored A Wellness Way of Life, 8th ed., McGraw-Hill; A Fit and Well Way of Life, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill; and A Fit Way of Life, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What people are saying the Heart-Opening Lighten Up process!

I just had to share this with you before I fix my lunch. I just returned home from my weekly massage. My massage therapist Debra was one of the friends to whom I planned to gift the “Lighten Up” cd. She ended up playing it during my massage session (we got as far as your husband sharing about the rainbow technique when my session ended). I gave it to Debra, as I had given it to Chris, with only them in mind. But Debra, just as Chris, told me that she knew several clients who would benefit from listening to the cd—and that she planned to go to your website and order copies for people. I had the cassette tape sitting in my collection for years before I finally decided to listen to it. When I listened to it several months ago, wonderful energy things began to happen, and I began to notice the positive impact my energy was having on others. I feel fortunate to be a means of getting the message out to more people by sharing what I’ve experienced listening to the program and now by sharing copies with others.
There is hope because “Only Love Prevails.”
SE, Huntsville, Alabama

I have lived my life with a birth defect. The muscles in my left shoulder are constricted which causes it to curve down toward my chest. Years of physical therapy and other medical treatment have had no effect. After only two weeks of doing the Lighten Up process my shoulder has straightened out. I had always cursed my shoulder-little did I know that all it needed was love!
M.E.E., Ukiah, CA

I was scheduled for surgery in December for removal of fibroid tumors that had been growing for three years. I started Carol’s Lighten Up process in October. When I went in for my pre-op physical, the tumors had disappeared. The doctors were amazed-no one could explain it. I know The Magic of Lighten Up was responsible-that was the only change I had made in my life. I know I will do this process everyday for the rest of my life. Thank you!
M.P., Kenosha, WI

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sample set of 'Magical' Wand Movements + Custom made Wand info.

WOW! Beautiful and warm stargazing morning in San Francisco!

Here is a view of the first 4 moves of the 'Magical Wand exercises:
In the first movement represented by the Dragon, the Wand is not used.

A bit blurry and you can see the 6 stages of each movement: Starting with Yin, then Earth, Metal, Water, Wood ,Fire,Yang.
 You will receive all 17 diagrammed moves as part of the Custom Wand package.

This is the custom made light weight, collapsible Wand folds to about 14" sections.
It pops open to full length, just like a folding cane.
$33.00 plus tax and shipping.
Place your order:
A PayPal bill will be sent to you.
Once payment is received, Creating Wand and Shipping is 3-4weeks

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here are the 17 'Magical' Wand movements in exact order...+ custom Wand.

Unlike the T'ai Chi, there is not a variation on the order of The Chinese Wand Exercise by founder.. Bruce L. Johnson.
This is a custom made Wand fully extended.
The 17 Movements
The Stretching of the Crane
Sunrise and Sunset
Peeling the Octopus
The Twisting of the Snake
The Twitching of the Dragons Tail
The Opera Bows
Greeting to a Stranger Who has Traveled so Far
Search for the Hatchet
Horse on a Tightrope
Springing of the Tiger
The Boatman's Stretch
The Rocking of the Bear
The Walk of the Tailor
The Rolling of the Panda
The Raising of the Bird's Wing
The Ox is Kicking
Person Shrugs Shoulders
This is the custom made light weight, collapsible Wand folds to about 14" sections.
It pops open to full length, just like a folding cane.
$33.00 plus tax and shipping.
Place your order:
A PayPal bill will be sent to you.
Once payment is received, Creating Wand and Shipping is 3-4weeks

Which 3 T'ai Chi Seishin moves capture your interest?

These movements are the creation of Jacquline Chohan, founder of T'ai Chi Seishin:
Mother/Father Earth
Father/Mother Sky
Earth Blossoming into Universe
Heart Connection
Healing Hands, Healing Heart
Energy Ball
Speaking Truth
Body,Heat,Mind Spirit
Expanding Third Eye, Crown
Clearing Space
Breaking Through Ego
Bringing in the Light
Transforming Black Embryo
Letting Go, Being
Darkness into Light
Self Love
Angel Wings
Star Transmitter

What are the 3 names that capture your interest?
Reply in comment box below:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Secret of how to create a 'Dojo' and take a day off :-) !

Today is a day off from doing the 17 Wand movements.
As I was waking up I did do some mental T'ai Chi Seishin.
I saw the mental picture of me doing 'Vibration', Clearing Space, Giving & Receiving moves.
I don't take a day off of doing the Lighten-Up Process.
 So, out of 7 days I take a day off when my body tells me too.
I listened and obeyed.
Creating a 'Dojo'
Well, this is all about creating an anchor/reference point/tickler for activating Magic Movement.
Either when your  at home or away you can picture this space calling you out of bed.
The key is to unwrap and wrap up this Dojo (sacred space).
It can be as simple as a yoga mat or straw mat.
It can be outside or for me, it's in the garage:
Dojo Wrapped
Dojo Unwrapped

So, after this ritual of unwrapping and wrapping creates a fresh start and a compelling action to move.

What is your idea of creating space for you?
Is this helpful?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Part 1/4: Who would be a Perfect Movement Magic Client?

(First draft to be updated often)
Describe: Qualities, Characteristics and Attributes of my perfect Movement Magic Client:
Heart centered BEE-ing
You are a learner
Visit our web community once a day
High integrity, loyal, honest, coach-able
Courtesy contact communincation: text, phone, email, notes
Book appointments, provide repeat business and refers others
You like web based coaching
You value your time and mine
Want me to be successful and make a profit
We meet through internet social networking, Teleclasses, face to face and group presentations
You praise me to anyone and everyone
You make the request to become my client
  Loves to be coached and create own agenda
Provides for self, family and community
self motivated
seeks value for inner and outer wholeness
Has a budgeted amount for self-help investment each month
You keep appointments and updates changes in a timely manner.
Is computer and PayPal savvy.
Pays in advance for teleclasses through Paypal. DVDs, MP3s, Products and CDs
Uses social media to communicate testimonials to friends.
Looking for mobile movements for energy, flexibility and posture.
likes movement on land and water.

What else would you be as an ideal client?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Workout Diva Mentor: Karen Voight. Plus Lighten-Up in the shower.

Beyond Magical Movements I step into a cardio-workout.

I highly recommend her DVD Streamline Fitness. 

Here I find the abs/yoga/aerobic/weight bearing aerobics to be complete for my body.

Now I'm ready to shower and shave.

While in the shower I invoke the Lighten-Up process after stopping the water.

With a verbal (out-loud) declaration and a physical demonstration by applying my fav body lotion.

I activate the connection between mind and body.

Then I turn the water back on and use the loofah glove and the way cool two handled 4' back scrubber thingy.

Now I'm all gussied up inside and out, to meet people in person.

My quest is to find a lotion at L'occitane that won't feel heavy.
(for those times I skip a shower)

And to look for a studio to present the Movement Magic Menu :-)

'Edge Walker' movement and feeling Vim, Vigor and Vitality!

I have a Potpourri approach when it comes to T'ai Chi Seishin.
After doing the 'Vibration' move to center and ground.
I pick from my mental menu what I am inspired to do next out of 33 moves available. 

I usually do 3 to 6 moves in a session.

Today I choose 'Edge Walker' which support the daring bravado of going into the world.

Then I blend into 'Clearing Space' and Giving and Receiving' moves.

I end with the 'Vibration' movement.
I feel it and I declare it,"that I am filled with Vim, Vigor and Vitality"!

Just in 5min...pretty handy tool to have in my belt, eh?

Who do you know that may want access to T'ai Chi Seishin Magical Movement 
and may want to learn more?

Birthday Magic and Launching of Magical Movements......

Under the starry sky of San Francisco...ok some wispy fog too.

I call my 63 yr old brother Michael on his birthday.

I lean back in the crisp air and tell him there are candles in the sky for him.

Ooooo a shooting star just now....What is your birthday wish?

Sweet way to start the morning.
Just finished the 17 'Magical' wand movements in 12 min.

I remember it took me twice as long to do them when I started at least 20 years ago.

I have been doing them daily since then.

I feel my Red Dragon (Circulatory system) activated.
I can hear my body creaking to a GO.
I feel refreshed now and rejuvenated.

Ready to do some T'ai Chi Seishin moves.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Who do you know in San Francisco? Movement Magic Live!

Today I wrote my Being Attraction Plan for the perfect Movement Magic Business Partner.

Then I got all gussied up and followed my intuition into the city.

My declaration is that I am being engaging, uplifting and clear.
I employed my pendulum when moving through the possible venues like, gyms, dance & yoga studios.

The Magical Movements I offer are:
The Lighten-Up: 5min Process

I almost gave up and came home. And I saw a book store that peaked my curiosity.

I asked if there was a yoga studio nearby and YES, one block up.

It is called KIKI-YO and they were closed. I saw the YELP symbol in the window.
When I came home I emailed the owner a biz proposal.

SO, who do you know in San Francisco that might live to experience Movement Magic Live?