Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to maintain Magical Movements when the schedule is insane....

In addition to the holiday season...
...death has knocked on my family door.
On Thanksgiving day at 6:15 am my Mother-in-law died peacefully.
Alicia Zelayandia.

The emotional turmoil that is a whirl wind for myself and family members at this time can be blatant and subdued.
This does affect my eating and workout patterns.

So, this speaks to the importance of having simple Magical Movements as a foundation.
I only missed 1 day of Lighten Up.
And doing T'ai Chi is soothing.
I was able to do Wands daily until today...I noticed a tight achy area over my right chest.

Anytime my body says no to movement, I listen.
And trust that this to shall pass. I decide not to move if I think I will aggravate.
The beauty is that I have a foundation to come back to.
I can pick up the pacing, cadence and rhythm again.
I give myself grace and know i can start again.

Today is the funeral and I will be the driver for family.

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