Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Workout Diva Mentor: Karen Voight. Plus Lighten-Up in the shower.

Beyond Magical Movements I step into a cardio-workout.

I highly recommend her DVD Streamline Fitness. 

Here I find the abs/yoga/aerobic/weight bearing aerobics to be complete for my body.

Now I'm ready to shower and shave.

While in the shower I invoke the Lighten-Up process after stopping the water.

With a verbal (out-loud) declaration and a physical demonstration by applying my fav body lotion.

I activate the connection between mind and body.

Then I turn the water back on and use the loofah glove and the way cool two handled 4' back scrubber thingy.

Now I'm all gussied up inside and out, to meet people in person.

My quest is to find a lotion at L'occitane that won't feel heavy.
(for those times I skip a shower)

And to look for a studio to present the Movement Magic Menu :-)

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