Friday, November 12, 2010

Secret of how to create a 'Dojo' and take a day off :-) !

Today is a day off from doing the 17 Wand movements.
As I was waking up I did do some mental T'ai Chi Seishin.
I saw the mental picture of me doing 'Vibration', Clearing Space, Giving & Receiving moves.
I don't take a day off of doing the Lighten-Up Process.
 So, out of 7 days I take a day off when my body tells me too.
I listened and obeyed.
Creating a 'Dojo'
Well, this is all about creating an anchor/reference point/tickler for activating Magic Movement.
Either when your  at home or away you can picture this space calling you out of bed.
The key is to unwrap and wrap up this Dojo (sacred space).
It can be as simple as a yoga mat or straw mat.
It can be outside or for me, it's in the garage:
Dojo Wrapped
Dojo Unwrapped

So, after this ritual of unwrapping and wrapping creates a fresh start and a compelling action to move.

What is your idea of creating space for you?
Is this helpful?

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