Monday, December 6, 2010

Movement Magic for the digestive system....without the sugar.

Aside from Lighten Up, Tai Chi and the Wand Exercise.....

....I indulge in a monthly supply of Body Wise nutritional products.

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This month Sonia and I chose to have our foundational favorities....

The Morning vitamin called AM's.
The Evening Minerals called PM's.
And the Elance meal replacement shakes...
we ordered a month supply of the Chocolate and Vanilla.

I just took my am's and I feel more energized...then I made a Chocolate shake and now I feel  yummy delicious!

What I feel is a the physical sensation of of a tasty drink that is smooth and has substance as well as the relief of a perfect protein combination that my body loves.

Now, with this combination along with healthy food choices and of course water during the digestive system is without constipation...movement magic so to speak.

So now you have a resource for fuel to support you Magical Movements.
BODY WISE ....we have been perfect customers for 15+years.

During the month of December 2010 they are waiving the Lifetime Membership fee of $39.00! 
Free registration to access wholesale price.

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