Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here are the 17 'Magical' Wand movements in exact order...+ custom Wand.

Unlike the T'ai Chi, there is not a variation on the order of The Chinese Wand Exercise by founder.. Bruce L. Johnson.
This is a custom made Wand fully extended.
The 17 Movements
The Stretching of the Crane
Sunrise and Sunset
Peeling the Octopus
The Twisting of the Snake
The Twitching of the Dragons Tail
The Opera Bows
Greeting to a Stranger Who has Traveled so Far
Search for the Hatchet
Horse on a Tightrope
Springing of the Tiger
The Boatman's Stretch
The Rocking of the Bear
The Walk of the Tailor
The Rolling of the Panda
The Raising of the Bird's Wing
The Ox is Kicking
Person Shrugs Shoulders
This is the custom made light weight, collapsible Wand folds to about 14" sections.
It pops open to full length, just like a folding cane.
$33.00 plus tax and shipping.
Place your order:
A PayPal bill will be sent to you.
Once payment is received, Creating Wand and Shipping is 3-4weeks

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