Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'Edge Walker' movement and feeling Vim, Vigor and Vitality!

I have a Potpourri approach when it comes to T'ai Chi Seishin.
After doing the 'Vibration' move to center and ground.
I pick from my mental menu what I am inspired to do next out of 33 moves available. 

I usually do 3 to 6 moves in a session.

Today I choose 'Edge Walker' which support the daring bravado of going into the world.

Then I blend into 'Clearing Space' and Giving and Receiving' moves.

I end with the 'Vibration' movement.
I feel it and I declare it,"that I am filled with Vim, Vigor and Vitality"!

Just in 5min...pretty handy tool to have in my belt, eh?

Who do you know that may want access to T'ai Chi Seishin Magical Movement 
and may want to learn more?

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