Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Magic and Launching of Magical Movements......

Under the starry sky of San Francisco...ok some wispy fog too.

I call my 63 yr old brother Michael on his birthday.

I lean back in the crisp air and tell him there are candles in the sky for him.

Ooooo a shooting star just now....What is your birthday wish?

Sweet way to start the morning.
Just finished the 17 'Magical' wand movements in 12 min.

I remember it took me twice as long to do them when I started at least 20 years ago.

I have been doing them daily since then.

I feel my Red Dragon (Circulatory system) activated.
I can hear my body creaking to a GO.
I feel refreshed now and rejuvenated.

Ready to do some T'ai Chi Seishin moves.


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