Thursday, May 16, 2013

May is Correct Posture month!

May is Correct Posture month! 
However,  it takes more than just one month to be truly aware of your posture, and how to correct it forever.
Did you know that it is "Correct Posture" awareness month?
Correct Posture Month encourages people to think about how posture can affect their overall health. Posture refers to the position a person's body is in whilst they are sitting or standing.

Sedentary activities such as sitting, reading, playing video games, using a computer sedentary activities and more physical activities like gardening, bending or lifting objects, are often performed with poor posture.  for more detailed tips and information

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthing of Service from my Soul...from pretense to presence.

I have been hiding my talents behind a steering wheel for to long. Now it's to to be visible and start riding. On Alameda Island, in California, I have launched a mobile massage business using the bicycle and a new web site: Reposturing Dynamics Massage. Click to visit...
You have seen this sign while driving. The thought I had each time was "I could use some shoulder work right now, being behind the steering wheel so much"
Now I love slowly making my way through the neighborhoods and flat roads on the bike to serve clients that want to visibly improve their posture and be present in their bodies.