Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What is it like to complete a 14 day Body Wise Bootcamp?

I chose to do the Body Wise nutritional and healthy portions/food program (I ate 6 times a starving here) to jump off the sugar train that was picking up speed this month.

With the death of my Mother-in Law on Thanksgiving day and the traditional Salvadorian pan dulce  abundantly around along with all the holiday sweets I HAD to bail before I crashed.
I purchased the basic vitamins and minerals called AM/PM to help sustain my energy and provide me with deep restful sleeps.

Then I added the chocolate and vanilla meal replacement drinks that mix easily, smooth and deliciously. And drinking plenty of water as usual.

BONUS: dropped 6 pounds in 2 weeks!

I now have more discipline and wisdom and control since I created a pattern of eating 3 snacks, 1 meal and 2 meal replacements a day.

Now, I am eating 2 meals a day 3 Body Wise snacks and 1 meal replacement to maintain through the holidaze.

PS. It was not a cake walk for my body as I did go through sugar withdrawal symptoms like mild headaches and releasing toxins. I feel clean and lean now.

PPS To me this IS experiencing Movement Magic, this program works, I can see and feel the results.
Including 12 to 14" bowel movements.

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